Wildcharge PowerDisc wireless iPhone charger Means of keeping gadgetry charged are becoming almost as prevalent as protective cases to keep them from becoming scratched and losing their lustre.

The latest on-the-go charger is the WildCharge PowerDisc. This takes the form of a charging mat that holds the charge and a selection of connectors that fits a range of phones and portable entertainment devices.

Devices you aim to charge using the wire-free PowerDisc must, however, be able to accept the charge. Since the method of transfer involves the gadget being places in its own WildCharge jacket and being placed on the WildCharge PowerDisc mat.

Although at £60 it's not a cheap option for keeping your iPhone or BlackBerry juiced up, it's the sort of slimline item you can stash in the side of a bag and that will really come into its own on that critical occasion when you really need to make a call or retrieve a number from your address book.

For details of how the WildCharge PowerDisc works see www.wildcharge.com.

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Wildcharge PowerDisc wireless iPhone charger