In this video we go through the pros and cons of the entire Fitbit activity tracker range. See also The 9 Best Activity Trackers 2014: The best fitness trackers you can buy in the UK right now and our round-up article Which Fitbit is best for you.

Fitbit Flex:

The Fitbit Flex is a cool-looking, lightweight wristband that tracks and monitors your daily activity and sleep patterns. It syncs with a desktop dashboard and mobile app to give you up-to-date activity data in gorgeous graphs. You can compete with Fitbit-using friends and even upgrade to a premium Daily Trainer service. I found the Fitbit Flex gave me added motivation to walk or run that bit further, and keep an eye on my weight and fitness activities. It’s addictive and fun, and if that gets you moving more and generally fitter and leaner it’s better for you than most other computing or mobile devices.

Fitbit Force:

The Fitbit Force is a big step up from the Flex, although it’s also somewhat bigger itself. The much-more informative display means you can ditch your watch and inspect your smartphone app less for up-to-date activity data. The altimeter that counts stair steps and longer battery life are also welcome. The Force has better functions than most competing fitness wristbands, such as the new Nike FuelBand SE and Polar Loop. Comfortable and light with a great smartphone app and desktop dashboard showing you all your daily, weekly and monthly performance stats the Fitbit Force should make a real difference to you hitting your fitness targets. Unfortunately Fitbit has withdrawn the Force from sale following complaints of allergic reactions by some users. We hope it's back soon.

Fitbit one:

The Fitbit One is different to the Flex and the Force, in that it is a clip-on device rather than a wristband. It's accurate, has great battery life and tracks pretty much everything you'd want it to: the same full feature set as the Force with the ability to see your daily stats right there on the device. The proprietary charging cable is a pain (as it is for all the Fitbits except the Zip), but it's a minor quibble about what it otherwise an excellent activity tracker.

Fitbit Zip:

The entry-level clip-on FitBit Zip activity tracker is ideal if you want to join the life-logging brigade but can't or won't spend £80 upwards on an activity tracker. We've seen it on sale online for as little as £35. It's basic, but unless you really want sleep tracking or the stair-tracking features of Fitbit's other trackers, it's a bargain. And the coin-type battery lasts for months and so requires no recharging every week like most trackers.

Note: In the video I state that the Flex is heavier than the Force, which was a slip of the tongue. The Force is very slightly heavier than the Flex but you'd hardly notice the difference.