TomTom's latest Via 125 personal satnav device has a huge 5in touchscreen satnav that can be controlled by voice.

The TomTom Via 125 satnav is intended to be safe enough for drivers to use and instruct without taking their eyes off the road or hands off the wheel. Drivers are able to specify addresses and navigate the menu via speech-recognition software.

The satnav also has a hands-free calling option that uses a Bluetooth to connect with the user's mobile phone and access contacts.

An integrated foldaway mount is used to attach the TomTom Via 125 to a windscreen. An optional mounting disk adds the ability to rotate the TomTom 180 degrees. This has an accelerometer to ensure the image is displayed in the correct orientation.

A TomTom Speed Cameras feature shows the locations of fixed speed cameras, while IQ Routes take into account the time of travel and plots a route based on likely traffic levels, giving users an accurate estimated time of arrival.

The TomTom Via 125 also comes with advanced lane guidance and spoken street names, to make driving even easier and less stressful.

The satnav, which will hit shelves later this year, will also be available in a LIVE versions that offer services such as the latest traffic information, fuel prices and safety alerts on the device using 'over-the-air' updates, as soon as the device is turned on.

"The TomTom Via brings high-end navigation to the mid-market – without compromising quality and convenience," says Damian Woodward from TomTom.

"From the exciting new Voice Control and hands-free calling, to the market-leading IQ Routes, it's everything drivers need for a truly effortless driving experience."

TomTom will also sell a 4.3in screen model of the Via satnav known as the Via 120. Prices for the TomTom Via 120 and 125 have yet to be released.

The TomTom Via 125 5in satnav

The TomTom Via 120 4.3in satnav

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