Sony Reader Touch e-book reader Sony has added a touch-sensitive model to its Reader electronic book line-up, the Sony Reader Touch. Sony has also launched a smaller e-book model, the Sony Reader Pocket.

The new model has the same 6in monochrome display as its PRS-505 predecessor but can also be used to highlight sections of a document and save them as notes for later reference.

A preinstalled copy of the Oxford English Dictionary is provided on the Reader Touch's internal memory. The user can highlight a word or phrase to be defined by double-clicking on it. A definition list then appears at the bottom of the e-book reader's screen and can be scrolled through or maximised. Similarly, a search feature on the device allows the user to input a word they haven't fully understood. The dictionary can be called up at any time.

As well as adding touch functions, Sony has doubled the memory capacity of its Reader device - up to 350 publications can be stored on the new version, while the improved battery should last up to two weeks between charges.

A stylus is supplied to assist with word selection and annotation and there are separate rudimentary notes and handwriting options. Secure Digital and Sony Memory Stick flash media cards can be used to port books, PDFs and images to the Reader.

The Sony Reader Touch and the Sony Reader Pocket, also launched in the UK this week, are the first Sony e-books to support the Mac as well as working with Windows PCs.

As well as being able to view DRM-protected and DRM-free books and documents bought from Sony's web store, e-books sold through Waterstones can be downloaded and transfered to the device. At Sony also points users in the direction of a repository of free classic books that can be downloaded for free.

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Sony Reader Touch e-book reader

The Sony Reader Touch hasa 6in display and comes with the Oxford English Dictionary preinstalled for easy reference


Sony Reader Pocket e-book reader

The smaller Sony Reader Pocket is aimed at students and does not have touch capabilities