There's a bit of a nostalgic theme on PC Advisor of late, what with our pieces on older operating systems and old PCs whose passing we lament.

Old films, classic cars, 80s arcade games and consoles, we love them all. So we were very excited when we heard that one of our all-time favourites, the Sega Mega Drive, is back.

An updated and slightly smaller version, the Sega Mega Drive Twin Player, has just gone onsale in the UK and looks set to bring retro-gaming back into the spotlight. It's known as the Twin Player because it comes with a pair of six-button controllers. Costing £39,95, the 16bit console comes preloaded with 15 Sega games, chief among which is Sonic, of course. It can play both PAL and NTSC and hooks up to a TV via AV ports.

If you've still got your old Sega games cartridges hidden away in a shoe box under the bed, dig them out and you'll be able to enjoy them all over again.

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