Rovio Wi-Fi webcam robot We'd love to say that the Rovio Wi-Fi robot has an immensely practical purpose such as doing your household chores and taking the dog for a stroll, but the £299 required to acquire this hugger-mugger will be pure indulgence.

It's essentially a webcam, but one you can have a lot of fun manoeuvring about the place by plotting a route and getting it to follow the path (a TrueTrack add-on module is required to create waypoints for multiple rooms). There's also a handy 'Rovio go home' button that instructs him to go back to his base for a recharge.

As well as providing eyes via the VGA head-mounted webcam, Rovio has a microphone to pick up audio and an LED headlight to help him find his way in the dark.

The Rovio Wi-Fi robot can be controlled over the web from any device with which you choose to get online, be that an iPhone, a laptop, your Xbox or PS3 or your PC. Stability and agility are provided by the three-wheeler setup which ensures Rovio is ultra-maneouvrable despite his 2.3kg heft.

Rovio costs £299 from

Rovio Wi-Fi webcam robot