Charging gadgets on the go can be a pain, especially if you need a 240v power source. These two new Ring Automotive chargers could help.

The MP:75 is a 3in silver device, one end of which plugs into a car's cigarette lighter and at the other end offers a standard 240v plug socket, into which any electrical device from laptops to consoles can be plugged into and powered.

The E:Can is designed to sit in a car's cup holder and offers the same function as the MP:75 as well as a USB port that can be used to charge MP3 players and other USB devices.

"The E:Can Inverter takes the technology on a step, combining an ideal shape for the cup holder so it will not move about during your journey; a compact design so it goes easily into the glovebox when not in use; and a USB point for all the latest gadgets," said Simon Harvey, product manager at Ring Auto.

The MP:75 costs £27.99 while the E:Can is priced at £39.99. Both are available from Ring Automtive.

The Ring Automotive MP:75


Ring Automotive's E:Can