QL Q-London Xperience The Q-London QL Xperience 2 is the upgraded widescreen version of Q-London's Xperience virtual-screen shades: 'cinemas for the face', in essence.

The gadget maker has been making the line for a while now, but reckons it's close to cracking the necessary technology to make them sit neatly on a variety of face shapes without falling off or letting in light. The forthcoming Xperience 2 will also feature a higher resolution.

Q-London QL Xperience

The QL Xperience, the firm's current flagship virtual screen, is a gadget the size of a bulky set of shades designed to provide the 'experience' of looking at an 80in screen from 1.5m away. You can connect it to a variety of video sources, including an iPhone; Q-London says it's compatible with any device that supports AV output from a standard 2D video "but it works even better on a 3D video source".

The QL Xperience 2 (a working title; the final product may simply retain the Xperience name, or be given another one entirely) will take resolution up from 640x480 (VGA) to a widescreen 800x480. The price too will undergo a stretch - compared with the original Xperience's £199 price tag, the Xperience 2 is slated to cost between £299 and £349.

More info at Q-London's website.