PDT has launched the Minoru 3D webcam. We're sure it's no coincidence that the design makes us think of the recent animated film Wall-E.

The cute-looking webcam features two cameras, which are spaced roughly the same distance apart as human eyes to create the stereoscopic effect and a multi-position stand be placed on a desk or a monitor.

The Minoru 3D webcam csan project images in 2D, captures video at a resolution of 704x576 and 30fps and has a USB connection. One of the shortlisted products in CES i-stage innovation competition, the Minoru 3D webcam requires users to wear special glasses in order to see the 3D effect. Five pairs of these special glasses are supplied with it.

"Minoru brings the 3D tradition right up to date, putting 3D webchat and 3D home moviemaking within reach of anybody," said designer, David Holder.

Available from December, pricing for the Minoru 3D webcam has yet to be announced.