Mobile phone maker Motorola is to launch a digital TV-enabled portable player this March in a bid to compete with products such as Apple’s iPod Video. Motorola is referring to the device as a portable media player - the first such device it has come up with.

The Motorola MobileTV DH01 will be able to play up to 90 minutes of video content stored on removable memory cards, for which a suitable card slot is provided. A battery life of around four hours is anticipated, while DH01 owners will also be able to pause live TV thanks to the device's built-in memory buffer.

Refreshingly, the adoption of DVB-H digital TV across many parts of Europe puts the EU ahead of the US and much of the Far East for once.

As with add-on products such as the SlingPlayer Mobile, the Motorola DH01 lets users watch live TV. The 4.3in widescreen display should make TV viewing that bit more practical than on an iPod too. Motorola has not been doing well in the the mobile phone market of late and is keen to expand into other areas.

Motorola is using the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas as a showcase for its new MobileTV portable media player, so expect more details to be revealed over the coming days. Alternatively, take a peek at

Motorola MobileTV DH01 portable media player

Motorola MobileTV DH01 portable media player