If you're fed up with having hundreds of different chargers for mobile phones, iPod and portable cameras, all cluttering up your house, then the Messless could be ideal for you.

The circular glass-effect device, which measures 205mm in diameter and is 75mm high, is capable of charging up to four gadgets at any one time. The Messless comes with six interchangeable adaptors that Giugiaro Design, the company behind the device, says are compatible with over 2,500 gadgets from mobile to iPods, digital cameras and satnavs.

The adaptors bundled with Messless include proprietary connectors for Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones, along with connectors for Apple devices and a Mini-USB adaptor.

Each adaptor has a USB 2.0 connection so it can also be used independently of the Messless, making it ideal for charging gadgets on your laptop while abroad or on the move. The company also plans to release additional adaptors in the future.

"The Messless is a great idea and a perfect Christmas present for anyone who has a habit of misplacing their gadget chargers or doesn't like the spaghetti junction of wires which form around the plug socket," said Ricky Gordon, product manager for technology and books at HMV, which is stocking the device.

"It's easy to swap the adapters over, just unplug the one you don't need and replace it with the one you do. Simple!"

The Messless is priced at £59.99 and will be available from HMV in November. Four additional adaptors for Nintendo DS, Samsung, Sony Ericsson T28 and a Micro USB can be bought individually from the dedicated Messless website for around £8 each.

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