Medion has launched a satnav device that can recognise changes in direction and movement as well as using a satellite signal to track the device's movement.

The Medion GoPal X345 satnav uses GPSPro technology to establish the direction of travel and assist with reliable navigation even if the satellite signal is temporarily lost. This can occur where there are obstructions such as mountains or if the vehicle enters a tunnel or the satnav is taken indoors. 

The Medion GoPal X345 has a 4.7in display and comes with 44 European maps from Navteq pre-installed on its 4GB internal memory. Up-to-date traffic information and the ability to re-plot journeys to avoid any hold-ups and lane assist technology also feature. 

The satnav provides 3D points of interest. A built-in FM transmitter allows audio directions or MP3s stored on the device to be played through the car stereo. A speech control function enables users to speak their destination rather than typing it in to the device. A text-to-speech ability means drivers get precise instructions, including street names and traffic information.

The satnav, which measures 133 x 90 x16 mm and has a sleek black and chrome casing, also features a cycling and pedestrian mode.

The Medion GoPal X345 is available from the Medion shop priced at £249 inc VAT.

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