Medion has started selling the £250 GoPal P4425 satellite navigation system with integrated fingerprint recognition feature it outlined a couple of months ago. The Medion GoPal P4425 comes with UK and European maps.

The Medion GoPal P4425 is the first satnav unit to come with biometric fingerprint recognition to prevent unauthorised use. Unless the unit recognises a registered fingerprint, it won't switch on. This renders the navigation device useless to anyone who shouldn't have their grubby paws on it in the first place.

The slim GoPal P4425, which measures 124x81x17mm, incorporates Medion’s new GoPal 4.0 navigation software that offers street-level maps for the UK and all of Europe. Users can choose from arrow-based, 2D or 3D route display or a split screen option that combines both.

An FM transmitter ensures the voice guidance can be played back through the car’s speakers. Alternatively, drivers can choose to store and play MP3 files from the satnav’s integrated music player through the car’s speakers.

The TMC dynamic rerouting system offers the latest traffic information and will re-plan a route if it is affected by traffic jams. And drivers prone to speeding can make use of the real-time GPS-generated speed display that works in conjunction with speed limit notification to alert drivers when they exceed the speed limit.

Each of the Medion GoPal P4425's menu options are accessible by spoken commands. Medion also includes Bluetooth connectivity so the satnav unit can be paired with a mobile phone, enabling handsfree calls.

The Medion satnav also displays major road signs onscreen while its lane assistant feature ensures drivers are fully prepared and accurately guided when negotiating complicated junctions.

The GoPal P4425 is bundled with a cradle incorporating an integrated FM transmitter and TMC receiver, windscreen mount with suction cup, 12v adaptor, 2GB memory card and USB synchronisation/charging cable.