Seoul's SEK exhibition this week has the usual mix of gadgets and toys to keep attendees amused as they walk the aisles. We took a look at some of those devices.

See links at bottom for all.

This pocket-sized tracker from KWorks packs a GPS (global positioning system) receiver and CDMA (code division multiple access) cell phone module so it can report its current location whenever queried. The KW-H100 is intended for parents who want to keep a track of where their kids are and went on sale in South Korea Monday. It costs 176,000 won (£95; US$190) for the device and then a 55,000 won initial charge and 11,000 won monthly charge to SK, the mobile phone provider. It measures 43mm by 76mm by 14mm.

Other SEK new products:

iRiver B20 MP3 player

ILuv i199

Samsung video phone

MVix Media Player

Uren Mobile Auto PC