The Hyundai HM-T4300E is a 4.3in touchscreen media player that is able to pick up and show DVB-T television broadcasts, also known as free-to-air digital TV.

It offers up to three-and-a-half hours of TV heaven between charges but can also play up to 7.5 hours of recorded video footage stored on its internal memory or a removable SD Card.

Its storage capacity is a fairly limited 3GB overall (1GB internal and 2GB on a flash card), however, so you may prefer to limit your viewing to live broadcasts and simply use the T4300E to store your MP3 collection.

Hyundai says you should get at least 40 hours playback before the lithium-ion battery needs recharging.

Jpeg, PNG and bitmap images can be shown on the WVGA (480x272) screen which is capable of displaying 16 million colours. An electronic programme guide will help you decide what channel to tune in to.

The Hyundai HM-T4300E is available from a number of online retailers - the best deal we've found is £103 inc VAT at

Hyundai HM-T4300E media player