Hauppauge is getting into the mobile entertainment game with the launch of its first portable media player.

The Hauppauge PMP (how on earth they came up with such an original moniker is beyond us) launches in April and will cost €149.

The Hauppauge Digital PMP will have a built-in Freeview tuner so users can view live TV as well as being able to play video and music stored on the handheld device. The screen is a fairly modest 3.5in – not much larger than the LCD display on the back of compact digital cameras – but should be sufficiently large for watching the latest episode of Shameless or Family Guy while stuck on a commuter train.

An EPG (electronic programme guide) lets you browse TV listings. Hauppauge has been making both internal and external TV tuners for PCs and laptops for many years and it’s good to see the company branching out into making its own entertainment devices on which both analogue and digital TV programmes can be shown.

Hauppauge Digital is claiming a battery life of around four hours for its PMP. The device weighs 200 grammes and measures 120x20x78mm.

Content can be ported to the Hauppauge PMP via a mini USB port or and SD or MMC memory card. It is designed to synchronise with Windows Media Center or a Vista PC. WMV, MP3, Mpeg4, AVI, DivX, XviD, VOB, Jpeg and WAV file formats are supported.

Hauppauge PMP portable media player

Hauppauge PMP portable media player also offers Freeview TV