Griffin has added an iTrip FM tuner to its line-up that can be used with the latest version of the Apple iPod 4G.

The Griffin iTrip gadget enables drivers to enjoy the contents of their music library or their podcasts rather than being stuck with whatever the DJ on the local radio station deems fit for broadcast.

The Griffin iTrip nano 4G attaches to the bottom of the Apple MP3 player and uses the cigarette lighter socket in the vehicle for power.

"The iPod nano 4G is the most striking model to date," said Paul Griffin, the accessory company's founder.

Such devices work by tuning in to a spare radio frequency on the car radio and then using the car speaker system. Griffin's take on these devices includes a smart scan feature that makes it easier to locate and lock on to a suitable part of the radio spectrum.

Although Griffin's latest iTrip model is designed for use with the Apple iPod nano 4G and will sit flush with the edges of the popular music player, the £29 device can also be used with other iPods, since the connector at the bottom of the iPod has the same fit.

The Griffin iTrip device is onsale now for £29.99 from Halfords.

Griffin iTrip FM tuner for iPod nano 4G