Foxit eSlick FE-1 e-book reader E-book readers are fast becoming the overdue buses of the gadget world. We waited years for the first ones to appear; now there seems to be an unstemmable tide.

The Kindle, the nook, the Sony Reader Touch, the BeBook, the Cool-ER, the Flepia. Buy one of each and you could easily replace a roomful of books.

The latest, the Foxit eSlick, named after the Foxit open-source ebook app, is primed with 512MB of internal memory plus a 2GB Secure Digital memory card on which you can store many more books.

Alternatively, you can transfer ebooks you've downloaded from the web via USB. As with other e-book readers, the eSlick uses E-Ink technology to simulate text pages. The low-power consumption of the device means you'll be able to read around 8,000 pages before needing to recharge it.

The device is around 1cm thick and weighs 180g. It comes in a leather-look carry case to protect it and has a headphone jack should you wish to use it to listen to MP3s. It's available in the UK from I Want One Of

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Foxit eSlick FE-1 e-book reader


Foxit eSlick FE-1 e-book reader