Electric Skateboard Advanced This may well be the ultimate dangerous toy for boys. It certainly had this lass worried.

Now, you may wonder why you've not come across an electric skateboard before. Well, we've got the answer. They're dangerous! (Especially when you try them out while dressed in a wraparound skirt, but that's another matter.)

Plonk yourself on the skateboard, firmly grasp the controller and make very, very sure that you press the button to propel you forwards VERY GENTLY. Heeding this advice, but perhaps not as well as we ought to have done, we took the grown-up version of the Electric Skateboard for a spin. At least, we would have done had we not whizzed off at an alarming heading rate directly for the nearest brick wall.

Electric Skateboard controller

Almost as dangerous as it looks: the infrared controller for the Electric Skateboard is incredibly sensitive - so you may shoot off into the distance without warning

Thankfully, not all versions of the EV Stores Electric Skateboard go quite as fast as the one we tried. While the 600W Advanced model does up to 25mph (gulp!), there's a version for junior that packs 150W and a less alarming 7mph. At this rate, propulsion is more relaxing and more fun. You can do up to 18 miles between charges, but you need to be semi-pro, apparently, if you're to take on more than the odd turn. Sounds like a challenge to us.

Electric Skateboard Advanced

Electric Skateboard Advanced