Spanish consumer goods company Energy Sistem continues to intrigue. It has just launched four portable DVD players with swivel screens. Each of the players has a 9in TFT adjustable display that can be swivelled through 180 degrees and folded back against the player’s frame.

The screens sport a resolution of 640x234 pixels, have widescreen aspect ratios of 16:9 (but can also play 4:3 content) and a brightness rating of 250cdm. The displays are coated with an anti-glare polarising filter and have a contrast ratio of 250:1. DVDs encoded in a wide variety of file formats are supported, from Mpeg2 and Mpeg4 to WMV, VCD, DiVx and Xvid. Both PAL and NTSC discs can be viewed on the multi-region player. Energy Sistem includes anti-skip and vibration-compensation  features to ensure smooth playback.

The 390 model in the Energy Sistem Mobile DVD player range includes a DVB-T digital TV tuner, allowing users to watch live TV broadcasts. An electronic programme guide is included, as is a remote control to allow you to skip through channels and to select menu items. As well as DVDs, the players can read memory cards and play video and music and display photos stored on them. MMC, SD Card, SDHC and Memory Stick flash drives can all be used. 

The Energy Sistem Mobile 290 and 390 Portable DVD players each come in a choice of black or white chassis and can run off a battery (approximately two hours playback between charges) or from mains power. It weighs 1.02kg. A 3.5mm headphone jack is included (matching DJ headphones are included as part of the €139 bundle). A composite video-out port allows the Energy Sistem DVD player to be hooked up to an external screen.