Datawind has added two updated models to its PocketSurfer line-up. One is a refresh of the existing model: the 2L will supersede the PocketSurfer2, which heads for retirement in November. Unlike the previous model, however, unlimited data roaming will not be offered for the first 12 months of ownership.

Instead, the PocketSurfer 2L will be available through Vodafone for £149.99 and will offer data roaming at 25 pence per minute. While broadly the same as the PocketSurfer2 in terms of build and specifications, the user interface has been updated: Datawind says the new model will offer an 'advance' use interface (the previous model had a 'basic' one). However, a significant difference between the outgoing model and the 2L is that the new model loses its GPS function.

The more interesting new model, the PocketSurfer2R, meanwhile, dumps the tricksy four-way mouse pad in favour of a modish touchpad. This model will also be sold through Vodafone and will offer unlimited data for a one-off fee of £59.99. In contrast to other providers' unlimited data offers, there is no fair use policy attached to the PocketSurfer deal that maker Datawind has done with Vodafone Wholesale.

Both new PocketSurfer models have 640x240-pixel widescreen colour displays that, because they are viewed as landscape, enable the user to see more of a web page content at once. The PocketSurfer2R will have an embedded GPS receiver, but the 2L version will not.

Although the internet access devices can be used for personal navigation - you need only head to Google Maps to get directions - Datawind makes it clear that its PocketSurfers aren't really designed for graphics-intensive tasks. For example, audio is not supported and they are not intended for viewing YouTube viewing clips.

Datawind PocketSurfer2R