Digital cameras come in many shapes and sizes. Until now, each camera design also needed a specially-designed case if it was to be used in watery conditions. Now, however, there's a Seashell SS1 - the first underwater camera housing created to fit a range of camera brands and models. 

When the concept of underwater digital photography was first aired, we were total sceptics. Even though Olympus showed us its compact cameras suspended in fishtanks, we weren't fully convinced of the evidence even though we could see it with our own eyes.

These days camera housings - and even fully waterproof digital cameras - are fairly commonplace. 

UK stockist Cameras Underwater says the Seashell SS1 will fit around 70 percent of compact digital cameras currently on the market. The only other camera housing able to make such a claim is the soon-to-launch Seashell SS2. Both housings enable the camera to be used at depths of up to 40 metres below sea level.

Cushions, straps and shafts to allow an exact fit to your camera model are provide as part of the £149 package.

The Seashell SS1 costs £149 from

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