Ever had one of those moments when you've mislaid an important item such as your keys and can't remember quite where your recent meanderings have taken you?

Now you can retrace your steps and find out just where you were when you had them last, silencing those oh-so-helpful 'friends' who ask "Where were you when you had them last?".

It doesn't take a genius to work out how the Bushnell Backtrack GPS Finder device works: it triangulates your current and recent locations, so you can find your way from A to B and back again.

Three locations can be stored on the compass-like device, so you could park your car and mark its position before jumping on a plane and heading off for some winter sun. When you return, suitably refreshed, two weeks later, you won't need to panic about which of the many car park levels your trusty Mondeo is languishing: whip out your Backtrack and it will point you in the right direction.

It requires a bit of forethought in the sense that you must remember to save a location you'll need to return to later, but if you're about to head off for a stag do in an unknown city and just know you'll have no clue of the hotel's whereabouts later on, it could be worth investigating.

I Want One of Those is selling the Backtrack GPS Finder for £59.99.

Bushnell Backtrack GPS Finder