It's the slightly less busy summer period for technology launches but we've still rounded up the latest gadgets for you to take a look at. This month we've got the final Oculus Rift, a new Xbox, a cheap smartphone from Vodafone with decent specs and an action camera with 4G connectivity.

Oculus Rift

VR headset

The model of the Oculus Rift which you'll be able to buy has finally been revealed. It will come with an Xbox One controller and a motion sensor. There's still no price but we do know it will arrive Q1 2016. The final model is Windows 10 compatible, fabric coated and you can adjust the lenses for your eyes. We can't wait.

Price TBC

Surface 3 4G

Microsoft Surface 3 4G

Tablet/laptop hybrid

It might not make for the most exciting update in the world but Microsoft has launched a new version of the Surface Pro 3. This time round it's got 4G LTE support so you can get data on the go without finding a Wi-Fi hotspot or tethering to your phone.

Price TBC

Vodafone Smart Ultra 6

Vodafone Smart Ultra 6


Like EE, Vodafone offers its own products and the Smart Ultra 6 offers decent specs for under £150. The smartphone runs stock Android 5.0 Lollipop and comes with a 5.5in Full HD screen, 13Mp camera, a microSD card slot and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 octa-core processor.

£125 inc VAT

Buy now from Vodafone

4GEE Action Cam

4GEE Action Cam

Action camera

Branching out from phones and tablets, the mobile network has decided to take on the GoPros of this world with its own action camera. The 4GEE Action Cam has built-in mobile connectivity so you can live stream your content and it comes bundled with a smartwatch so you can control it remotely.

£299 inc VAT (PAYG)

Buy now from EE.

SteelSeies Stratus XL

SteelSeries Stratus XL

Gaming controller

The latest gaming controller from SteelSeries is compatible with both Windows and Android making it pretty versatile. The Stratus XL has the usual set of joysticks, buttons, triggers and LEDs plus center buttons for navigation. The firm touts up to 40 hours a gameplay from a regular set of batteries over Bluetooth.

£59 inc VAT

Buy SteelSeries Stratus XL here.

UE Roll

UE Roll

Bluetooth speaker

Available in a range of designs and colours, the UE Roll is a compact but durable Bluetooth speaker. It features am IPX7 waterproof design and a marine-grade bungee cord so you can use it almost anywhere. A 65ft wireless range and nine hour battery life are additional plus points.

£99 inc VAT

Buy the UE Roll here.

New Xbox One 2015 1TB

Microsoft Xbox One 1TB

Games console

As expected, E3 2015 brought along some new hardware and the new model of the Xbox One from Microsoft has a 1TB hard drive meaning extra storage for games and media. You can also plug in a USB 3.0 external drive for even more space and the new controller has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

£349 inc VAT

Buy Xbox One 1TB here. Also available: Xbox One 1TB Limited Edition Forza Motorsport 6 bundle.

PNY Elite Performance microSD

PNY Elite Performance microSD

Memory card

If you have a camera like the 4GEE Action Cam featured this month, you'll need a memory card to store your movies. PNY's latest microSD card is designed especially for this purpose with 100MB/s transfer rates and shock and humidity resistance. As usual, they come in a range of capacities and include a size adapter.

From £19 inc VAT

Buy the PNY Elite Performance microSD here.

Google Nest Cam

Nest Cam

Security camera

Following on from the smart thermostat, the Google-owned company has announced the Nest Cam. The security camera features Full HD video quality and you can live stream to your smartphone or PC. The downside is you'll need to pay an £8 per month to record 10 days' worth of video to the cloud.

£159 inc VAT

Buy the Nest Cam here.