Archos Weather Station

Talking about the weather is a national pasttime in the UK, and it's not unusual to have several weather apps on your smartphone or tablet.

Archos is about to launch a 'smart' weather station which will work in conjunction with a free iPhone and Android app to give you not just a weather forecast but also information on CO2 levels, temperature, air pressure, humidity and even noise inside your home.

The £99 kit includes two futuristic-looking spheres, one of which is an outdoor sensor which is waterproof and battery powered.

Unfortunately, the outdoor sensor - much like Netatmo's similar kit - doesn't measure rainfall or wind speed. This means the forecast you'll get within the app will be no different from the one your smartphone already gives you.

Archos says the Weather Station uses Bluetooth Low Energy, but didn't specify how the two sensors communicate, nor the maximum range. It's likely that you'll have to be withing a few feet of the main sensor to get the information on your smartphone or tablet.

Archos Soil Sensor

An optional accessory is a soil sensor, which measures soil humidity and temperature. No price has been decided for this, but it follows hot on the heels of Parrot's Flower Power which does a similar job for £50.

The app will allow you to track measurements from both sensors as well as view historical data on graphs.

We'll bring you a full review of the Weather Station as soon as we can.