The 02 Joggler is a curious device, best described as a 7in touchscreen messageboard. It's neither internet tablet nor mere digital photo frame and is designed to be stuck on a fridge, of all glamorous locations.

In fact, it's nearest equivalent is the wall calendar on which you write kids' dental appointments and reminders to yourself to pick up the dry cleaning and call your great great aunt.

The electronica is in the text message aspect - send an SMS or MMS to a family member on 02 and the missive will show up on the Joggler's screen.

A Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled gadget, the Joggler shows you weather forecasts for the coming four days, traffic updates for major roads, to-do and calendar lists. Sky News and Sky Sports headlines are also displayed.

The device's 1GB internal memory can be used to store photos or music - there's a pair of speakers built in - while time wasters can be nagged via its alarm clock or pass the time with a game of Sudoku. 02 says it will add an internet radio function as a free upgrade in due course.

The 02 Joggler is set to go onsale in April for £149 from or can be taken for free instead of a handset upgrade by non-corporate 02 mobile phone subscribers on an 18- or 24-month contract. The deal excludes 02 Simplicity customers.

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02 Joggler touchscreen messageboard