Wyplay Wyplayer HD streaming box Wyplay has launched a high-definition media streaming box that can manage your multimedia and create playlists on the fly. The Wyplayer comes in capacities from 500GB to 1TB and has two TV tuners.

The Wyplayer is designed as a "bridge" between the PC and the TV thanks to its built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi client. Its maker, Wyplay, says the device is the first to offer direct access to web services such as online backup and catch-up TV services straight from a TV.

Playback is controlled via a slim remote control with a dial near the top that makes it easy to get to the item you want. We also liked the fact that you can add tracks or albums to the Wyplayer's playlist (and name them for future use) and then export them to a USB key you've plugged in or to another attached or networked device.

The alphanumeric onscreen menu for entering song tracks to search for or to enter your WEP key to log on to your wireless network is a bit of a chore: if you've used the Apple TV, which also requires you to click along to each character or numerical in succession, you'll know what we're on about.

However, once you're online you can not only stream content from any Wi-Fi or Ethernet-connected device, but access programmes on the web too. Several specific agreements for some of the best-known media providers are being thrashed out, but YouTube is already on board and in our demonstration we were able to perform a live search for a live music show and have it play back in real-time.

Also important is that dual-TV tuner. The Wyplayer is able to record a programme on one channel and play one on another or ply you with an hour or two of audio pleasure while you wait for a film to finish recording. A huge range of codecs and file formats are supported, including H.264 video.

The 500GB version of the Wyplayer costs €395 and is available from wyplayer.com.

Wyplay Wyplayer HD streaming box