This year is being touted as the year when 3D films, animation and games go mainstream. We've already had a look at the Minoru 3D webcam - now we learn of another way to enjoy 3D action, thanks for Vuzix's Wrap 920AV sunglasses.

The Vuzix Wrap 920AV sunglasses also allow you to watch your favourite movies and TV programmes.

The Wrap 920AV can be connected to any media device that has a video output including video iPods, mobile phones and DVD players. It will display the image in the twin high-resolution AMLCD displays located within the lenses of the glasses. Thanks to the Quantum Optics technology, the image is projected as a virtual 60in screen would look viewed from 9 feet. The glasses are also capable of projecting images in 3D as well as 2D. A pair of noise-cancelling earphone provide the sound.

"The Wrap 920AV will not just change the portable video industry, but how consumers view and interact with information," said Vuzix CEO Paul Travers.

The 'see-thru' lenses ensures that the sunglasses can be used in a conventional way when not connected to a media player. Vuzix claims users will get six hours of use from two AA batteries and can control the video content using the on-screen menu.

Vuzix are also offering a number of optional extras including prescription lenses which can be inserted into the glasses alongside a Bluetooth head-tracking system and a USB-powered stereo camera, which Vuzix say will improve the 3D experience.

The Wrap 920AV will be available from spring this year. No pricing details have been released yet.

Connect to Vuzix Wrap 920AV sunglasses to a media player and watch video on the go