Seagate has unveiled the FreeAgent Theatre - a media player that is compatible with any USB external hard drive and allows users to play music, video and image files stored on the drive, though their home entertainment system.

The FreeAgent Theatre connects to any TV using either the Scart or Composite connection on the device. Users then simply slide their external hard drive into the USB dock and use the bundled remote control to navigate through the files stored on the hard drive.

Seagate says the device is optimised to work with its FreeAgent Go range of external hard drives but is compatible with any external hard drive that has a USB connection.

Once the hard drive has been connected to the Theatre, users can then play and skip forwards and backwards through video and audio files, as well as zooming in and panning during playback of video files. Seagate says the software re-renders the image every time a user zooms in, so the video files are sharp and clear.

The Theatre also lets users view images in a slideshow and even lets users specify which transitions are used as well as setting the slideshow to music files also stored on the drive.

The file formats supported by the device include MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DIVX, MP3, WMA, WAV and OGG.

"For years, Seagate has provided solutions for storing, organising and protecting this personal content - now, with Seagate FreeAgent Theater, we provide the ability for families and friends to share and enjoy these memories together in the comfort of their living rooms," said Pat King, senior vice president of Seagate's Consumer Solutions Division

The FreeAgent Theatre will be available in April from Dixons and PC World, priced at £89.