Video-editing software and hardware company Pinnacle has put its Video Transfer software for iPod and PSP on general sale in the UK.

The £100 inc VAT package enables users to copy their videotape and analogue camcorder footage and save it for posterity.

As well as saving a copy of films, recorded TV programmes and home video footage to a PC or laptop's hard disk, users of the Pinnacle Video Transfer package can copy them to Apple's video iPod. Alternatively, Sony PSP owners will be able to store and play their favourite '80s movies on their portable games consoles.

Being able to watch videos and TV content on a Sony PSP is not a new concept, but Pinnacle says that by digitising your existing home video collection, its Video Transfer solves the dilemma about where to find video you want to watch on it.

Pinnacle Systems' Video Transfer allows you to record analogue video direct from your TV, video cassette player or PVR (personal video recorder) to an iPod, PSP or any other USB 2.0 storage device without the need for a PC.

Simply plug the device into your analogue video source such as a TV, DVD player, PVR, camcorder or set-top box and connect the USB port to your Apple iPod, Sony PSP, USB flash drive, USB hard drive or any other USB 2.0 storage unit and watch as the device does the hard work and transfers the programmes or video clips from the source to your specified destination.

Measuring only 4.8 x 2.6 x 0.9in, the Pinnacle Video Transfer supports multiple inputs including S-Video, composite video and stereo audio analogue. It uses the H.264 format, also known as the Advanced Video Codec (AVC) specification or Mpeg4-Part 10, which offers greater quality and two-to-three times the compression rate of Mpeg2. Users are offered three levels of recording quality: good, better or best.

"Being able to transfer videos to an iPod, PSP or USB device without having to copy the files to your PC is an added bonus because it saves both valuable time and hard drive space. PC-less recording and the device’s small, compact size also makes it a convenient solution for people who are on the go," said Tanguy Leborgne, Pinnacle Systems' vice-president of worldwide marketing.

The device comes bundled with three RCA audio/video cables, an 110v-230v power supply and a quick start guide. Pinnacle Video Transfer can also be used to recharge an iPod or PSP battery during video transfer when additional cables are purchased

Pinnacle Video Transfer is available immediately from PC World and is priced at £99.99 including VAT.