The Nest Learning Thermostat is one of the best known smart heating systems, but the Google-owned company also has a smoke/carbon monoxide sensor and now a security camera. Here's what you need to know about the Nest Cam release date, price and features in the UK.

Nest Cam release date

There's not long to wait: the camera will go on sale in the UK in July.

Nest Cam price and subscription

The camera itself will cost £159, although it may be discounted by Amazon, B&Q, Currys PC World and others.

The bad news is that to get all its features, you need to subscribe to "Nest Aware with Video History" which costs £8 per month for 10-day history or £24 per month for 30 days.

If you don't subscribe you can't record video clips when motion is detected. Not all companies charge for this kind of service: the HomeMonitor HD Pro camera, reviewed, gives you rolling seven-day cloud storage for free.

Nest Cam features

Like the Dropcam before it, Nest Cam will offer live video streaming to a phone or computer. The new camera is smaller than before, but now offers full HD video at 30fps rather than 720p.

Nest Cam release date UK

Nest says video quality is better than before and that night vision is much improved thanks to high-powered infrared LEDs which light up an entire room rather than giving a spotlight effect which is common with many IP cameras.

Better still, the camera is more intelligent so won't flick to day mode when there's a flash of light from, say, a car driving past. This should mean better footage in the event of a break-in where the intruders are using torches.

The new design is more versatile thanks to a magnetic base. It can also attach to a standard camera tripod or be wall mounted.

With a built-in speaker and mic you can hear what's going on as well as 'talking back' to those in the room.

The Nest Cam supports dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy.

What it doesn't have is a slot for a memory card. This means local video recording is not possible, forcing you to subscribe to Nest Aware with Video History.

Nest Aware subscription features

Annoyingly, Nest has decided to reserve some key features for subscribers. So, if you want to be able to recorded video and have it automatically upload to the cloud and scroll back through 10- or 30 days' worth of footage, you'll have to pay.

You also have to pay to get 'activity zones' which lets you get alerts (and record video) when motion is detected in a specific area, such as a door or window. You can't set motion detection areas without a subscription, so any motion in the frame will result in an alert for non-subscribers.

Nest Cam release date UK

Subscribing also gets you better motion sensing. Nest says it uses "cloud power" to eliminate common false alarms such as movement on ceilings.

Nest Cam can also stream live to YouTube, should you want to.

Nest app 5.0

Even if you don't own a Nest thermostat, the new Nest Cam will work just fine on its own. But if you do have a thermostat, you can access both devices through one app. In the version 5.0 update of the Nest app you'll be able to access each thermostat and security camera from the home screen. Multiple smoke detectors will combine under one icon.

Nest Cam release date UK

The app will allow you to zoom in on and enhance recorded video clips, and you'll be able to access existing Dropcam HD and Dropcam Pro cameras.

Clever integration with Nest Protect means that if you have a camera in the same room (i.e. with the same name) then you'll get a camera button when you get a smoke or CO alert and be taken straight to a live view of that camera and a clip recorded even if you're not a subscriber.

 Nest Cam release date UK