Linksys has launched the Linksys Media Hub - a device that allows users to access multimedia content such as digital photos, music and movies stored on a number of different devices around the home, from one location.

The hub searches the network for other media devices and allows users to access all their content through the simple and easy-to-use interface. Users can also access the media hub from anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection.

The Linksys Media Hub benefits from backup software, which will keep a copy of every multimedia file, ensuring users can keep their most treasured multimedia safe, as well as external USB ports and two drive bays, making expanding the storage capacity easy.

Linksys claims the device is almost silent in operation so it will not disturb daily life.

"The Media Hub is the central location you go to for access to your media, without concern for whether the file is stored on your Mac, your child's PC, or on your DLNA devices," said Greg Memo, vice president and general manager, products, Cisco Consumer Business Group.

There are two versions of the Linksys Media Hub available; the 500GB NMH305 and the NMH400, which also benefits from an LCD screen that displays available space and drive usage by type of media, as well as a six-in-one card reader. The NMH400 comes in either 500GB or ITB capacities.

The NMH305 is priced at £299.99 while the 500GB NMH400 costs £349.99 and the 1TB version is priced at £429.99. All three drives should be available in Spring 2009.

Linksys_NMH305 _NMH405_media_hub_

The Linksys Media Hub comes in 500GB or 1TB capacities

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