Sky satellite subscribers are to get their own mobile TV station add-on when Freesat launches in a few weeks time.

TV tuner company Hauppauge says it is launching a £79 USB-based TV tuner dongle specifically for Freesat that will support high-definition TV broadcasts.

The Hauppauge WinTV Nova-S Freesat USB2 will allow Sky subscribers to view free-to-air TV channels on their laptop or PC in much the same way that Freeview channels can be picked up. Programmes can be shown as fullscreen or in a smaller windows so as not to distract the user. A card reader will allow those with Sky to link to and access subscription-only channels.

The £79 USB dongle is available now and plugs in to the satellite dish socket at one end and to a USB port on a laptop or PC. The intention is to give users access to digital TV and radio stations via an additional bedroom or study PC.

Freesat is a joint venture between the BBC and ITV and will be launched before the summer. It will offer more than 80 free-to-air digital TV and radio channels. Yet more free channels will be added in the autumn.

Broadcasts will be from the Astra 2D satellite - the same satellite Sky uses, meaning no dish realignment is necessary. More information from

Hauppauge says it will include a remote control and a cable with which to provide the necessary hookups between devices. WinNova software allows users to pause, record and resume live TV recordings and to schedule them via the EPG (electronic programme guide).

A USB 2.0 port is required on the PC, while Hauppauge says the HDTV tuner will work with 32bit versions of both Windows XP and Windows Vista.

The WinNova-S tuner is available for an RRP of £79.99 from the likes of Maplin, Staples and other online and high-street PC and component stores.

Hauppauge WinNova-S Freesat USB2 high-definition TV tuner

Hauppauge WinNova-S Freesat USB2 high-definition TV tuner is aimed at Sky subscribers who want to enjoy digital TV programmes on a secondary laptop or PC