GlideTV Navigator remote control It's no secret that you can enjoy far more programmes on your TV screen by hooking it up to your home network and beaming catch-up programmes, video, music and photos to it.

However, the idea of a Media Center PC at the heart of your home entertainment setup is made rarely less appealing by the need to control it using a computer keyboard or a hulking great remote control.

The GlideTV is intended to fix this, eschewing numerous buttons for a slightly curved touch-sensitive trackpad that's used to flick through channels, photo libraries and so on and then select what you want to view with a simple press. The GlideTV Navigator works with Windows XP Service Pack 2, Vista and Windows 7 PCs, Mac OS X and the Sony PlayStation 3 games console.

Its clickable touchpad can be mapped to the dimensions and resolution of the screen it's to be used with so that cursor movements are accurate and navigation efficient. As well as its touch-sensitive central navigation area, the GlideTV has media control buttons to adjust the volume and to mute it, to zoom in to an item, to skip forwards or back and to pause the onscreen action. Windows users are also able to make use of an onscreen software keyboard.

The GlideTV can be used wirelessly and has a rechargeable battery for this purpose, or can optionally be used with a 6ft cable that plugs in to the host device via USB 2.0.

As well as working with Windows Media Center and the PlayStation 3, it can recognise and play songs, videos and podcasts in an iTunes library and works with applications such as SageTV, Boxee and Hulu Desktop. Apple's Front Row media center application, Netflix movie rentals, Google Search and Amazon Video on Demand are all supported, though not all these services are available to UK customers.

The GlideTV costs £119 and is available direct from

GlideTV Navigator remote control

GlideTV Media Center remote control