Elonex iGame Console Elonex, originally a purveyor of desktop PCs and laptops, is branching out into home electronics and has launched its own games console.

The Elonex iGame uses an iPhone or iPod screen and comes with a Nintendo Wii-like white wireless controller that tracks the user's movement.

As with the Nintendo Wii or, more pertinently, the portable Nintendo DSi, the  Elonex iGame Console is aimed at family entertainment. The £79 package includes darts, tennis, ping pong, bowling and trampoline games, as well as a selection of puzzles. A total of 20 games is provided.

The console part of the Elonex package is a stand/dock for the Apple iPod touch or iPhone and, when docked, lends itself to convenient video clip viewing or scrolling through the iTunes library to select music and podcasts to listen to. There's a memory card slot at the back of the console while extra games are available from the Elonex website.

The iGame Console can also be hooked up to a TV screen using the component video ports. Additional controllers cost £20. Up to four controllers can be used at once. More accessories, including a dance mat, are set to be offered in due course.

Intriguingly, Elonex says its iGame supports is open source, so anyone can develop games for it.

Elonex iGame Console

Elonex iGame Console controller