PC Nextday - which sells laptops and PCs under the Zoostorm brand - is set to launch a robust, education-focused laptop that will compete with the Elonex Webbook and Intel's Classmate PC.

Designed for use by 6-14 year olds, the Zoostorm Fizzbook will run a full version of Windows XP. It will be both splashproof and drop-proof - ideal if your little wonder is prone to the odd butterfingers moment.

Two models will be available. A small 7in screen version will have 2GB of flash memory, 512MB RAM and a battery life of 4.5 hours. Its larger sibling will have a standard hard disk and an 8.9in LCD screen.

Zoostorm director Sion Roberts says "The Fizzbook is the type of product parents can feel good about buying and children actually want. The educational and office software with the Fizzbook make it a great aid to learning and development, but the excellent general computing capabilities make it perfect for surfing the internet, playing games or watching movies."

PC Nextday director Rob Jones told PC Advisor that a number of high street and web retailers have already signed up to take the two Fizzbook models. Vendors will include Argos, Amazon, eBuyer and Grattan are the first such retailers to be announced.

Initially, the retailers will sell the larger £269 Fizzbook with a 30GB hard disk and an 8.9in screen. This model will go onsale on 8 September. The cheaper, Intel Atom-based Fizzbook laptop will go onsale from 16 October and will cost around the £200 mark. Given processor price fluctuations, Jones says vendors will set the price they feel is right when the launch day arrives.

Zoostorm Fizzbook education laptop