Preorders are being taken for the innovative Toshiba Libretto laptop that was announced last month. The Toshiba Libretto W100 is being hailed as the world’s first dual touchscreen laptop. It sports two 7in LED-backlit screens – one in each half of its clamshell case sides.

There's no room for a physical keyboard on the Windows 7 device. Instead, turning it on its side to landscape mode prompts the virtual keyboard to appear. A "soft" trackpad is used to type, click and browse. 

There's method in Toshiba's apparent rashness in providing two touchscreens since the overall appearance is very reminiscent of a digital book. Quite canny considering the popularity of the Apple iPad and the Amazon Kindle. In fact, Kindle e-book reader software is preinstalled on the Libretto. These two screens take their toll on the battery life, with less than three hours use promised between charges.

The 1.5lb clamshell laptop has a solid state disk drive rather than a hard disk drive, which helps keep the weight to a minimum and also ensures it's not as fragile as it might be. The 'Go Anywhere' ultra-mobile PC, as Toshiba terms the Libretto, is designed for on the go entertainment duties and for use as a cloud computing device. 

The £899 Toshiba Libretto W100 is available for preorder from

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Toshiba anticipates the Libretto W100 being used as an e-book reader

The Toshiba Bulletin Board can be used to post notes and calendar reminders as well as for personalising the device