Billed as a world first, Sony's new VAIO AW Series of laptops includes models with LCD screens that promise to reproduce all colours from the Adobe RGB profile. It was showing them off yesterday along with other new additions to its portable and desktop VAIO product ranges.

Unquestionably a desktop replacement, the three base models all use an 18.4in widescreen panel - they weigh around 3.9kg each. All three models come fitted with a Blu-ray drive, but customers can choose whether it's a read-only drive or a read/write model.

Standing at the top of the Sony VAIO AW range is the VGN-AW11XU with its 1,920x1,080 Full HD screen and three-LED backlighting. Inside is a 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor. This is twinned with 628GB of storage makde up of a 500GB hard disk and a separate 128GB SSD (solid state drive).

For graphics, the 16:9 screen is powered by an nVidia GeForce 9600M GT with 512MB of video RAM. This flagship model is priced at £2,499 inc VAT, and includes a monitor hood for photographers and graphics professionals.

The other models in the Sony VAIO AW series will start from £999.

Sony VAIO AW widescreen laptop range