Samsung is gunning for the MacBook crowd with a super-svelte laptop that has a screen as large as the MacBook Air but which weighs quite a bit less.

The Samsung X360 is a 13.3in WXGA laptop that runs off an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and has a 128GB SSD drive. It weighs just 1.27kg and boasts draft-n wireless connectivity as well as Bluetooth v2.0.

Samsung says the six-cell battery should be good for 10 hours, while the combination of the low-power Core 2 Duo processor and a screen backlighting technology that draws less power than most LCD screens, should also keep power consumption to a minimum.

An HDMI port allows the Samsung X360 to be hooked up to an HD screen, while there's also a VGA port so it can be used with a projector. The X360 itself ha a native screen resolution of 1,280x800 pixels.

The ultra-light laptop has a 1.3Mp webcam built in to the top of its lid, an ExpressCard slot and a 7-in-1 card reader as well as 3 USB 2.0 ports.

Perhaps most intriguing, however, is that the Samsung X360 has a silver nano keyboard. Silver ion powder sprinkled over the keys prevents bacteria developing, apparently. Sounds like the sort of magic you'd find in Bewitched.

The Samsung X360 will be available in the UK as well as in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia, from September.

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Samsung X360 ultraportable laptop