The world’s first internal Blu-ray high-definition DVD drive is set to go on sale next month. Costing an estimated £125, the DH-401S is being pitched as an ideal Christmas present for PC fans keen to get into HD.

PLDS (Philips Lite-On Digital Solutions) says the world’s first BD-ROM (Blu-ray DVD-ROM) drive will be a versatile read-only device capable of reading every major optical disc type. As well as Blu-ray discs, the PLDS DH-401S will be able to access and read content from any DVD+/-R and DVD+/-RW drive and any type of CD-R/RW media.

Jelmer Veldman, marketing manager for PLDS Europe, explained that because it is a read-only device, the Philips-Lite-On partnership was able to keep retail costs down. They hope the probably price tag of £125 will entice consumers to swap their existing PC CD-ROM drives for the DH-401S Blu-ray drive.

Veldman says an HDMI (high-definition media interface) cable can be used to connect the PC to a TV screen, enabling users to enjoy high-definition DVD playback without the need to shell out several hundred pounds for a standalone Blu-ray player.

The PLDS 401S fits in a standard internal 3.5in drive bay and has a Sata (serial ATA) interface, making data access pretty nimble. The 4-1S will be able to read both single and dual-layer Blu-ray discs at quad-speed, regardless of whether the content is a prerecorded Blu-ray HD movie or contained on a BD-R (Blu-ray recordable) disc.

The drive will also be able to read CD-R/RW discs at 32x and read DVD+/-R discs at 12x. Dual-layer DVD+/-R discs and DVD+/-RW discs will be read ay 8x.

Cyberlink Blu-ray software will be bundled as part of the package, which is being angled as an alternative mode of adding media centre-capabilities to a PC. The PLDS DH-401S is set to go onsale from December.

Distributors will include Ingram Micro, Computer Connections and Microtronica.

PLDS DH-401S Blu-ray DVD-ROM drive