Nivio has unveiled the nivioCompanion - a £100 PC that will fit in the palm of your hand and features a Windows desktop that's run on the web, rather than the device.

Measuring 115x115mm, the nivioCompanion has a virtual 10GB hard drive and is powered by a 200Mhz processor and features 256MB of memory and 128MB of RAMH

The white device is priced at £99 and comes with a keyboard and a mouse, although users can purchase a bundle that's includes and LCD display for £159.

Simply connect the device to a display and the internet via ethernet, then you can log on to your personal Nivio account, which offers access to your virtual hard drive and your online Windows desktop.

All files are stored on the virtual hard drive and are automatically backed-up daily and the Windows desktop costs £5 per month rental, which ensures users by access programs such as Microsoft Word.

If your virtual hard drive becomes full, you can simply purchase more online space. You can also drag and drop files from other PC's to your virtual hard drive by simply accessing your Nivio account from any PC.

Nivio claims a nivioCompanion is 70 percent cheaper than owning a traditional PC and uses 10 less energy.

The nivioCompanion will be available from July 22 and can be pre-ordered from Nivio's website.