Small computers like Raspberry Pi are increasingly popular so say hello to the PC which is entirely inside a mouse, the Mouse-Box.

This intriguing gadget is from a Polish start-up and combines the ‘two most important elements in a computer set’ – a computer and a mouse. You only need to add a monitor of some kind and a keyboard and you’re away. Read: 10 of the best Raspberry Pi projects for kids.

“At the beginning moving computers was a real challenge. The problem was not just their quite big weight, but also their size which made it difficult to put them in a right place even though it was possible to lift them,” said the firm.

Despite the small size of the Mouse-Box, it is equipped with a 1.4 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex processor, Micro-HDMI port, Wi-Fi, a 128 GB disk and space for an optional battery. There are also two USB 3.0 ports, an accelerometer, a gyro and cloud storage. Furthermore, it will charge wirelessly

It’s important to note that the Mouse-Box is a working prototype and is yet to hit mass production. The firm is asking for help to make this a reality but not with crowd funding (not yet anyway). Mouse-Box said: “If you own a firm or work in a firm which appreciates our achievement and can help us to reach our final goal, we kindly ask you to contact us.”

Check out the Mouse-Box video below:

Mouse-Box from Mouse-BoxOfficial on Vimeo.