Microsoft is to start selling a computer mouse that comes with its own flash memory. The Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 is a rechargeable rodent designed with notebook users in mind. It has 1GB of flash memory built into the Memory Mouse 8000’s transceiver unit (the part that plugs in to the laptop, freeing up the mouse itself).

Microsoft’s Hardware division says it came up with the idea of building flash memory into a wireless mouse transceiver in order to give notebook users access to as many USB ports as possible.

Most notebook computers have at least two or three USB ports, but with so many types of device connecting to a PC or laptop this way, users rarely have enough. The typical laptop user may want to use the USB ports to plug in printers, cameras, flash memory drives, portable speakers, webcams and VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phones.

As well as offering access to 1GB of storage, the Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 can be used as a wireless device over the 2.4GHz spectrum or via Bluetooth. When using the Bluetooth option, there is no need for the USB transceiver to be used; instead, the mouse communicates directly with the Bluetooth-enabled laptop.

Microsoft also says the Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 will enable users to work directly with the Windows Flip 3D feature in the Windows Vista operating system. This lets users flick through stacked onscreen windows and switch between open applications, aiding productivity. Dedicated scrollwheels to zoom in to onscreen items or to flit back a page or a step are also built in to the Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse 8000.

Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse 8000

Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse 8000

The mouse will go onsale in October and cost around £75.