Mum may have gone to Iceland, but you’ll need to head to Aldi to get hold of this stunning- sounding multimedia centre.

Medion has announced an Intel Viiv home entertainment PC that comes with both Blu-ray and HD-DVD support. The combined HD drive offers dual-layer recording of standard-definition CDs and DVDs but is also able to read both competing HD formats.

While HD-DVD seems to be pulling marginally ahead in the HD format wars thanks to the availability of cheaper players and discs, the standoff continues – leading a couple of manufacturers to launch dual-format HD drives. LG was the first to offer a dual-format HD drive. This was followed last month by Samsung.

Medion, however, is the first PC manufacturer to choose to follow suit and offer dual HD support in a computer. And with a selling price of £629 (flatpanel screen not included), we weren’t surprised to learn it’s likely to sell out almost as soon as it goes on sale on Sunday.

Fitted with a dual Blu-ray and HD-DVD player, there’s 2GB of RAM, a 500GB hard drive and an Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 processor working away behind the scenes. nVidia’s 256MB GeForce 8600 card controls the graphics, there’s an HDMI connection, a DB-T TV tuner card and eight-channel audio.

The Akoya MD8828 costs £629 including VAT. See

Medion Akoya MD8828

Half a terabyte of storage and a 256MB nVidia graphics card are included on this £629 Intell Viiv PC