Lenovo has added two netbooks to its line-up of IdeaPad notebooks, the S10e and the S9e. The £299 inc VAT IdeaPad S10e is a 10.1in netbook with an LED backlit display primarily designed for web access on the move.

Interestingly, the IdeaPad S10e and its S9e sibling are both "instant on" notebooks that are ready to perform basic mail-checking, photo browsing and web surfing tasks almost the second their power button is switched on. For processor-intensive applications such as creating Microsoft Word documents or editing images, the IdeaPad needs to boot into Windows.

Lenovo S10e Lenovo offers its business customers a choice of platforms: Microsoft Windows XP Home, XP Pro or Novell SLED 10 Linux versions of the S10e and S9e are all offered. The base model comes with a 4GB SSD (solid state disk) or with a 160GB hard disk drive.

Up to 1.5GB of RAM partners the Intel Atom processor and the IdeaPads have an Ethernet port, Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth as an added extra.

Lenovo includes an ExpressCard 34 slot so that customers can elect to have mobile broadband fitted using this port.

Costing £299 inc VAT, the IdeaPad S10e is available from Lenovo partners or direct from Lenovo from the end of this month.