Lenovo has launched a new three Intel Centrino 2 ThinkPad laptops all of which have 3G mobile broadband technology built-in, ensuring users don't need a separate 'dongle' to access the internet on the move.

Lenovo said the intention was the USB dongle could be removed and replaced with a faster connection should mobile broadband technology advance in the coming years.

While the USB 3G dongles Lenovo will supply with its ThinkPad SL range of laptops are "operator agnostic", the notebook manufacturer has joined forces with Vodafone to offer customers a chance to trial its mobile broadband service for free for 30 days with no commitment or need to enter credit card details.

The ThinkPad SL300, SL400 and SL500, which have 13in, 14in and 15in displays respectively, boast a sleek and glossy black fascia with a clean design.

The ThinkPads have a spill-resistant keyboard, are powered by Intel's latest Centrino 2 processors and offer true HD content support. A Blu-ray drive and webcam are optional upgrades.

Each of the three laptops in the SL range has an HDMI (high-definition) port capable of handling 1,080p high definition output and comes with Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity in addition to the 3G USB dongle with which they are bundled.

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Lenovo 3G ThinkPad SL 400 laptop

Lenovo 3G ThinkPad SL 400 laptop