HP Touchsmart dv3 multi-touch laptop HP has launched a multi-touch notebook PC that it claims is the first of its kind to hit the market. The £799 HP Touchsmart dv3 is a 13.3in laptop in a clamshell design.

Running Windows 7, the successor to Microsoft's Vista operating system which goes onsale next week, the dv3 goes onsale the same day as the new OS (22 October).

The base price is around £799, but the dv3 will come in several versions depending on the Intel processor chosen. It will have 512MB of nVidia GeForce G105M graphics memory and, unlike some 13.3in laptops, chiefly Apple's MacBook Air, has an internal optical drive.

The multi-touch laptop will come with HP's TouchSmart 3.0 software - essentially an overlay interface for touch-enabled PCs and laptops. The freshly updated HP TouchSmart software includes several new applications. TouchSmart Canvas is a photo organising, tagging and editing application that responds users' gestures, while TouchSmart Live TV is a media centre that has its own EPG (electronic programme guide) and can record and pause live TV programmes.

Enhanced TouchSmart applications cover calendar, clock, notes and RSS widgets, while HP is also pushing the personalisation options available to the dv3 owner. These include a choice of interactive tile colours and backgrounds - the tiles are used for quick access to touch-enabled programs on the laptop and provide quick launch options for other applications.

HP has given the TouchSmart dv3 a distinctive navy blue chassis it describes as 'modern vintage'. A matching slip cover comes with the laptop.

HP also unveiled two new TouchSmart all-in-one PC models, the 20in TouchSmart 300 and the 23in TouchSmart 600 PC. These will cost £899 and £1,199 respectively.

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HP Touchsmart dv3 multi-touch laptop