Dell has added a potentially amazingly high-end model to its Studio XPS range of desktop PCs. The Dell Studio XPS 435 costs from £1,699 and is aimed at that elusive but beloved of marketeers type of customer, the "prosumer".

Dell says the Studio XPS 435 "delivers great value for digital content creators looking for power potential and for tech enthusiasts who demand the latest and greatest at an outstanding price".

Dell says the Intel Core i7 machine will be able to take up to 24GB of DDR3 RAM running at 1,066MHz and will come with ATI Radeon HD4870 graphics. The graphics capabilities will top out at 1GB of DDR5 memory.

The XPS 435 is designed for expandability and upgrades and has six drive bays that, between them, will allow for up to 4.5 terabytes of storage.

As you might imagine, given the £1,699 base price, most of these headline specifications are optional upgrades.

The base specification of the Dell Studio XPS 435 will be a rather more modest 2.93GHz Intel Core i7 940 processor, 6GB DDR3 SDRAM, 750GB Sata hard drive, 512MB ATI Radeon 4850 graphics, integrated audio and a copy of Microsoft Works 9. The 64bit Windows Vista Home Premium machine comes with a one-year warranty but no monitor.

The Dell Studio XPS 435 is available from today. "Prosumers" who fancy getting their hands on the highest-specification version currently listed on the UK Dell website will need to fork out £2,649 for 12GB of Intel Core i7 processing, 1GB ATI Radeon graphics, and 2TB of storage, still without a screen. Flatpanel displays and Blu-ray drives are also offered as additional options.

Dell Studio XPS 435 desktop PC