Dell has joined the Core i7 throng with the launch of the XPS 730x - a gaming rig with a starting price of £2,669. Dell is to start selling the Intel Core i7-based desktop PC in the UK this week.

The Dell XPS 730x comes with up to 6GB of triple channel DDR3 memory and uses Intel's new QuickPath Architecture to speed up communication between the processor and other components.

Intel's latest Core i7 processors promise a performance boost of up to 20 percent and are particularly suited to gaming. Dell includes an ATI Radeon 4870 X2 graphics card on the standard configuration. As well as offering advanced graphics handling, this card is designed to make the most of video content, including both Blu-ray HD content and standard DVD footage. It is able to upscale standard-definition video.

For those with really serious graphics-processing needs, Dell offers both nVidia SLI and ATI Crossfire dual-graphics cards setups on the XPS 730x. Gamers can also opt for a Bigfoot KillerNIC. This network card offers smoother, more responsive LAN gameplay.

In common with other gaming machines, the Dell has a set of LED lights adorning its chassis. It comes with single and dual hard disk memory configurations of up to 2TB.

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