Dell is making another bid to break away from its beige boxshifter image with the launch of a trio of Inspiron-branded mini PCs aimed at the fashion-conscious user. The Inspiron 545 and 546 mini tower PCs and the slimline 545s come in a choice of eight colours.

The colour options are Piano Black, Pure White, True Blue, Formula Red, Tangerine Orange, Spring Green, Plum Purple and Flamingo Pink. Given that Dell outlines these colours as complementing their owner's bedroom or study, we can only imagine that the TV makeover team has been round.

Unlike some companies, such as Commodore Gaming, which is famed for its outré chasss designs, Dell is actually only offering a choice of fascias, rather than complete chassis in a specified colour.

As well as choosing which colour they'd like the front of their Inspiron PC to be, customers will be able to specify how much storage capacity it has, its processor speed and whether they want a slim PC or a squat one. Dell will also allow customers to choose standard or superior components.

Pricing for the base models starts at £279 inc VAT. Intel Celeron, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, as well as AMD Sempron, Athlon X2 and Phenom X4 processors are all offered. Dell is also flexible about whether nVidia or ATI graphics cards are fitted, though integrated graphics will be supplied on the standard configuration.

Specifications for the memory and hard disk are also vague: up to 8GB RAM will be possible, but the standard specification will include as little as 1GB. The mini tower models will offer a Blu-ray dual-optical drive option and have a maximum storage capacity of 1TB, while the slimline models will come with a hard drive of up to 750GB.

Dell says the new models, onsale in China from today and in the UK and elsewhere in Europe later this spring, mark a shift from the "built for me" ethos to a "made for me" approach.

Dell Inspiron 545 Mini Tower PC